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FENIX - gluten-free products ...

Everyone has the right to enjoy at that with what to eat and what you eat

Proper diet is a source of health, longevity and well-being, so we developed the special line of gluten-free products that you offer something better in the daily diet and life.


We offer a range of dried pasta products with different flavors, cookies with fillings made from fresh fruit to the mixture prepared for home baking bread, pizzas and cakes.


Products line FENIX , do not contain gluten and are particularly well suited for individuals who have problems with digestion of cereal proteins ( celiac disease ).

Fenix ​​brand dishes allow us the freedom to give ourselves the pleasure of sweet and savory dishes, without risk to our health and well being.


FENIX - Gluten Free Products


We have developed a series of product line, based on the use of cereals, which do not contain gluten - these are the quinoa and millet .


Due to the exceptional quality and nutritional value of these ancient grains, our line of products are compatible for all those who want healthy, natural, high-quality diet.


Who is a gluten-free products line FENIX!


* Patients with celiac disease and gastrointestinal dysfunction

* All products are:

- Physically active
- Mentally active
- Responsible for their health
- Sensitive to the origin of flavor and nutrition



Gluten-free sales program
  • Pasta
  • Cookies
  • Sandwich cookies
  • Flour alternatives
  • Bread
  • Prepared mixtures

For all information about gluten-free products, please contact us on phone + 386 3 426 15 22 or over;




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FENIX gluten-free products are different ...



What distinguishes FENIX gluten-free products from others present in the market?

FENIX bakery products are fresh, delicious and made with lightweight high in fiber and natural ingredients..


FENIX Gluten Free


Our selection of gluten-free products boasts a gorgeous smell and taste products and we also offer a complete sense of taste, traditional cereals - wheat.